The Bean

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holy Aching Body, Batman!

Oh my word. The first few days of mommy-dom had me thinking that the little kinks in my back were cute. "Oh, my back is a little sore from picking up the Bean. Isn't that sweet?" Ha! Let us count the aches and pains three weeks into my new role:
1. lower back (from carrying her and bending toward her)
2. upper back (from carrying her and bending toward her)
3. knees (from sitting funny when I feed her)
4. neck (from looking at her when I feed her)
5. jaw... this one is REALLY weird. I deduced that my jaw juts forward when I look at her as I feed her. The gravity pulls it down. The other day my teeth did not line up correctly when I ate. I think I've figure out how to keep this from happening anymore.
6. wrists (from holding her in various positions)
7. thumbs (still not sure about this one)
I think the biggest culprit is the feeding. I'm still looking for that perfect way to hold her while she eats. I think I've hit upon a good position, but it only worked once. The real test will be if it works in the middle of the night. Since she is getting a little heavier (9 lbs.) the original position for feeding a 7.5 lbs. baby does not seem to do it anymore. Who would have thought a pound and a half would make that big of a difference? I can only imagine when she is twenty pounds. Although by then she will have control of her head. I think the lack of developed neck muscles is the challenging part. I also think the 1.5 lbs. that she has gained are all in her cheeks and neck (note the picture above). So that, paired with her wobbly muscles, make it a little difficult to position her head correctly. Have no fear... I have scheduled a massage for tomorrow. Also on the agenda, figure out how to use the wrap and strap her to my chest from now on. Done whining.

I think this little person is amazing! We just giggle and laugh at the smallest things. This morning we watched her stretch as she woke up. It was just so HUMAN! I know that sounds silly. It is so cool to see her do things that I know she will continue to do as a child, teenager, and adult. Like the way she stretches first thing in the morning. Or the way her little right hand makes a fist and rests by her cheek when she sleeps. We have a sonogram picture of her in the same position. That is just so cool to me! I also love the weird noises she makes when she sleeps. The first couple of nights I remember wondering if each noise she made was good or bad. Now it is so nice to know the sounds. The weird gurgling...the little dolphin noise.... the straining noise that accompanies a big stretch... all of these are normal now and no longer cause for alarm. It's like I'm learning or something.

Alright, off to fold laundry and enjoy a glass of wine while the Bean is still asleep.


  1. Great post, friend! Glad you're getting a massage...god knows you deserve it.

  2. This explains the thumbs!

    "mommy thumb, formally known as De Quervain's tendinitis, an inflammation of the tendons below the thumb down to the wrist. "

    - Crissi