The Bean

Saturday, July 2, 2011

You can't fool me

Dear Bean,
I hear you up there wailing mid-nap. You try this every day. You are not done with your nap so stop pretending like you are not exhausted. I will be strong and wait the ten minutes it takes you to get back to sleep. I will not peek in your door to see "how awake" you are because then you will see me and you will look up at me all bright-eyed and smiley as if to say, "See, Mommy, I am ready to get up." NO! You are not ready to get up. If you get up now you will start rubbing your eyes ten minutes from now and then you will be cranky for the rest of the morning. I am the Mommy. I am the Mommy. I am the Mommy. Oh.... you are a tricky one today! I hear you up there chatting away to yourself, probably playing with your toes. "See, Mommy, I am so ready to get up that I can have a conversation with myself. Don't I sound cute? Don't you want to have a conversation with me?" Of course, I do! But not an hour into your two-hour morning nap. NO! I will be strong. I am the Mommy. You are the baby. Back to sleep baby girl. Try me again in 45 minutes. Ha! That's right... moan yourself back to sleep. I will win this one. I am the Mommy. I am the Mommy. I am the Mommy.

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